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Payment Rules

On our site you can buy in computer games for children. To do this: choose a game in the "School", download it, install on your computer and see the demo version. Buy the game you can play directly from the interface by clicking "buy"


When buying a game you will receive a registration key that will make the game fully functional. Pay for the game in several ways:

As payment for the product shall ecash .

To pay for the product, you click "register the program via the Internet, and get to the payment page of our website. Here you fill in the appropriate fields and choose a payment system through which you will pay. Then you follow the instructions in the payment system and paying for.

Payment by mobile network operator.

You send an sms message to the specified number, with the specified text and from your account on your phone, remove the specified amount of money.

Choose payment method using the following menu of the game:

After checkout you will receive instantly: automatically to your email address (if paid by electronic money) or in response sms (if paid via sms) sent a registration key game. You enter the registration key in the box - in the game all limitations demo .


For questions or claims you can contact the tech support through the form within a program, or directly at: support bayun-school.com.


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Pay with any payment system through the payment form site.



email: support bayun-school.com

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What is electronic money, and how to use them?

Payment by electronic money provides payment systems, many of them (we have used pay-pal, web-money, z-payment), they have slightly different rules, but one principle of operation.

1. You register in a specific payment system, you will be assigned a unique name and password, and now you have in the system has its own expense. Registration and services are usually free, but each payment charge you a commission.

2. You update your account to a billing system, one of the methods are provided for the system: money order, postal order, payment terminal, transfer to the credit card deposits via prepaid cards, and others.

3. Typically, the payment occurs within one payment system, ie a web-money you can pay for web-money. Pay one payment system to another occurs through the exchange services, where the currency of a system of changing the currency of another system.

4. You can pay that kind of money for goods and services on the Internet, their huge advantage is the instant payments, but in our case and the purchase, regardless of what part of the world you are.